Worme was founded by sisters Hannah and Melissa Collett who grew up in South West London and spent summers in Cadaqués, Cataluña. The Mediterranean town has a vivid artistic legacy and wild energy, which the sisters drew inspiration from when first experimenting and creating clothes for their holidays there.

Uninspired that the only resort wear available was made from synthetic materials embellished with jewels, tassels and fringes, they designed their own classic pieces that allowed them to transition from day to night, turning to silk every time for its ease and effortless sophistication.

The sister's love of quality design and fabric was instilled from an early age and cemented during their personal stints at Dover Street Market London. Whilst working there, Hannah began studying at The London College of Fashion before embarking on a ten-year career as a Makeup Artist for film and TV. During Melissa’s time at DSM, she also gained experience at Pop Magazine and Dazed & Confused. She then made a move to Paris, followed by New York to focus on her work as a Photography Agent and Producer.

Following their time apart and inspired by travels to Japan, LA, and Miami, the girls finally found themselves drawn back to their London roots, where they united their experience and reconnected to their early passion for designing clothes. With their skills in photography, hair, makeup and styling, all the brand's shoots are shot and produced solely by the two of them.

The brand encapsulates the freedom of vacation, with timeless pieces that work just as well in the city.